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My dear customer,

 You are dissatisfied, maybe even unhappy. On some days, fear fills your heart, or heavy pressure weighs on your chest, perhaps out of tiredness or shame, sometimes even out of (suppressed) anger. Sometimes or perhaps more often you may not want to start the day because you cannot believe that something nice is going to happen today. Almost everything in your life scares you, pain and illness accompany you wherever you go. You would so much like to meet everyone’s demands, but you lack the strength or simply don’t know how to accomodate all these different ideas under one roof.

And yet, you have not completely given up on your dreams and your wishes in life. They’re just pretty much buried in a box. But every now and then, especially when you think you can’t go on any further, you remember them. And there have been a few times when you got to the point where  you wanted to jumped up and change something. Perhaps you had already started, but the attempt simply faded in everyday life.

You are waiting for an inspiration, for something or someone who enables you to orientate yourself in the jungle of your problems, who not only understands what is going on in you, but who has already walked the path from darkness into light and knows that it can work.

Now you are finally about to get up and take a helping hand. For your step into the light you are ready to accept that your being includes not only light but darkness either. You want to understand why every step of your life, whether into the abyss or out of it, was necessary for you to advance. You are now at the point where you can give up your excuses and embrace change, even if it seems extremly challenging. You will not give up. You will stick with it and walk with me until YOUR path is clear and you have everything you need to find your way out of the darkness.

In your heart you haven’t lost your curiosity and joy. You still like to laugh even if it is difficult at times. You have finally made up your mind to try new things and to question your boundaries. 

You are interested in other living beings? And you are aware that your behavior and your thinking have an impact on the big picture? Do you find it exciting to learn more about yourself, your environment, life, about what you already understand, and also about what you still are looking for? 

You want to know at the end of your life  that it was good, and that it was good for something. You dream of this?

You open up when you trust, and only then you are fully involved.

 Here I am waiting for you.


Now it’s your turn!

You can call me, write me an email or a whatsapp message. I look forward to seeing you!

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